Today for our first Walk n’ Roll of the year we had over 80 bikes and scooters in the bike racks! This is nearly double our count from last! You are an amazing student and parent body!

  • If you haven’t registered. Please do! This is the only way we track kids for Golden Wheel or other activities.
  • If you need tags, let me know your child’s name and teacher and I’ll drop these by their class this week.

How to use Bike Racks

There are two bike parking areas at Wade Thomas. The main bike cage area on Woodland Ave. and the “Secret” bike racks in front of Mrs. Higgin’s classroom.

Woodland Ave. Bike Racks

  • Small bikes and scooters go in the bike cage. First to school park in back, please.
  • Bikes with wheels 24″ and up park in the outside racks.

Secret Bike Racks

  • Pretty much anything goes as long as bikes are not laying down or in the pathway.

Prevent Bike Theft – Lock your bike!

Please remember to have your children lock up their bikes. Unfortunately, we’ve had bikes stolen during school hours in the past.

I have a few thoughts on what you can do, which is really based on how much you value your bike(s) etc.

  • You should make note of your bike’s Serial Number and actually register it. Police do follow up on any property they come across.
  • A Kryptonite U Lock is probably the most theft resistant if used correctly. Professional thieves carry bolt cutters and a steel cable isn’t much of a deterrent.
  • Cable locks are fine, too. These are great to stop convenience thefts. For my girls this is what I got them. I use a U-Lock on my very expensive road bike.
  • Taking off all the decals on your bike is a simple and free way to stop a lot of theft. Thieves don’t steal crappy bikes, or bikes that can’t be sold. If they don’t know what it is, they won’t steal it.
  • If your child’s bike is stolen, report it to the Police, and please let Donna or Marlena know as well as the Safe Routes team.
  • Please do NOT suggest we start locking the bike cage at school. That’s a huge can of worms to manage. Just get a bike lock. Its a good habit your child needs to learn anyway.

Here’s some examples of locks. Not promoting Amazon, but for reference:



We’re on a Walk n’ Roll people! – How to use Bike Racks – Lock your bike!

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