The Ross Valley School Board heard an instructional minutes report at their meeting last Tuesday 10/6.  The agenda item and attachments can be found here.  The findings of the report are outlined in a table (attached to the Board item) which might be confusing. Attached is an image of an alternate way to view that data.
Please note, every school has met the minimum required minutes.  However, students throughout the district are not currently provided an equal number of minutes. For instance, Wade Thomas first and second graders currently miss out on more than 73 hours of instruction each year.
Education Code 37202 (attached to the board item) states that all of the elementary schools in a district need to operate “an equal length of time during the school year.”
Despite the fact that instructional minutes are inconsistent within the district, with Wade Thomas 1st and 2nd graders taking the greatest hit, it appears the board does not intend to take action to resolve this situation this year.
If you are interested in this subject and would like to know more, please review the attachments supplied by the Board. If you still have questions or would like to see change, you can email your board members:
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Last Year: Instructional Minutes Update

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