Parents, we kindly ask that you consider volunteering for one of our open positions coming up in September.

Below is a list of  openings with estimated time requirements, if you are interested please email to sign-up and indicate what you are signing up for in the email.

When: 9/13 Parent Ed Movie Night 7pm-9pm

What: Show up 30 minutes early to set-up chairs and take down chairs after the movie

Who: 2 people

When: 9/23 Mustang Round-Up 5:30pm-7:30pm

What: Show up 1 hour early to set-up tables/chairs/decorations, stay after to help clean up, help monitor the event by picking up trash and being on hand to help for miscellaneous needs, help with the cake auction, help sell Mustang gear

Who: 2-3 people for set up, 2-3 people for clean-up, 2-3 monitors, 1 auctioneer, 1 adult to help keep little kid fingers off the cakes, 1 adult for gear table (responsible for $)

Volunteers Needed in September

Upcoming Events