Registration is now open for the our Safe Routes green trips tally system.

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What is the Green Trip Tally System you ask?  Its an online service that helps us tally each child’s green trips to school. Before we used to do all this by hand. Now with 75 plus kids taking a Green Way to school it’s just not possible to keep up and manage.

Why do we need to register?  The Tally System is a sane way for us to manage and tally the Safe Routes participation for Wade Thomas. We also use it as way to track Golden Wheel Walk and Roll WednesdaysChallenges.

How does it work?  Once you register we can give your child a tag that has a bar-code which we scan on Walk n’ Roll Wednesdays. Green Trips Tags

What information do you track?  We DON’T track your child’s name or address. This can be totally anonymous. When you register you’ll get a registration code which we assign a bar-code too. However, if you choose to get an Email or SMS alerts we’ll send you an alert when you child checks in and tell you how many trips they’ve taken, calories burned and CO2 emissions saved.

Register Now! Safe Routes To School Tally System

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