Instructions on how to create your kid Lapathon page:

STEP 1: Create a Personal Fundraising Page (PFP)
1. Go to the Wade Thomas Lap-A-Thon event site by clicking HERE or copy and past this link into your browsers window.
2. Click the GREEN “PARTICIPATE” button.

  • If you have an account enter your email and password. If you have forgotten your password click choose “Click here to recover”
  • If you do not have an account choose “Create an Account”
  1. Complete New Fundraising Page form.
  • If you need to add another fundraising page for another participant click “Add Another PFP”
  • If you only have one participant Click “Save”
  • Complete new account form

STEP 2: Share and start collecting
Now that you have created your fundraising page(s) it’s time to start your fundraising and it has never been easier. You now have several super easy ways right from your fundraising page to share your page and event with friends and family. *Make sure you are on the page you want to share when using these features.
1. Share on Facebook Or Twitter.
Click the Facebook or Twitter logo and this will allow you to login to your Facebook page and share the page you are on as well as leave a message about why this event is so important to you. Personalizing your message is always best
2. Email.
Emailing family and Friends is another great way to let people know how important this fundraiser is to you and your school. We recommend that you personalize each message and send a few emails each week letting everyone know about your fundraiser and updating them each week with your progress as well as the events.
3. Handouts.
Another great way to share your event page is to print links to your page. The printouts contain a message and the link to your page. By clicking the printer you will be able to print out a page which contains several handouts you can cutout and hand to family, friends, & neighbors.

How to set up your Lap-A-thon page!

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