Remember the new 15MPH Speed Limit

All schools in San Anselmo have new school zone speed limits. There are new signs post at the start of the school zones. The speed limit when children are present is now 15MPH, and 25MPH when not.

Lots of Illegal Maneuvers

We are still seeing a lot of poor choices made by parents during drop off and pick up. Every year we have an accident and a ton of close calls.

Please remember:

DO NOT stop in the red zones to drop off your childrenScreen Shot 2015-10-21 at 4.19.26 PM

DO NOT park in crosswalks, driveways or sidewalk ramps

DO NOT park on the opposite side of the street

DO NOT leave your car in the drop-off or drive-through lanes in the school parking lot

DO lead by example

DO be nice to your friends & neighbors

DO follow the law

Drop-off and Pick-Up Safety Reminders