November 4, 2016

Our third Science Friday focused on the air around us and the music it makes. Kids used Keva blocks to understand how moving molecules affect each other. Students built paper airplanes to explore Bernoulli’s principle and aerodynamics. They also talked through paper & string telephone to learn how sound travels. The children played water xylophone, guessed the contents of closed boxes by listening to the noise inside, played rubber band “guitar”, made a glass “sing”, and made their own panpipes out of straws. We had a student play her violin for the group. There were also a ukulele, an accordion and tambourine on display to play with for all—and several spontaneous bands were formed during lab time! There are budding talented musicians among the kids at Wade Thomas!

Vocabulary: Sound waves, speed of sound, molecule, Newton’s Third Law

Watch at home:

Science Fridays: Air and Sound