December 2, 2016

We started our Friday science hour with a conversation about sources of light: the sun, flashlights, fire, candles, electric light.  We provided various materials to shine a flashlight at to see how light travels through transparent, opaque or translucent objects. Using a magnifying glass, we bent the light to magnify objects and using a mirror we reflected light to decode ‘secret messages’ (reflected words on a page). Using a prism, we split the white light into a rainbow. Kids loved painting rainbows with watercolors. They also loved trying on “rainbow” glasses and experimenting how a CD or a soap bubble refracts light into a rainbow as well. At a maker station, students built their own kaleidoscopes and saw how its reflective surface bounced off light to create fun effects. Each child had a chance to play with a ‘light saber’: mixing (adding) colored light rods to blend into new colors. By the same principle, children rotated a color wheel to see how the colors blended into one. Their favorite activity was mixing poster paint to create a new color and matching it to the Pantone swatch set. When the bell rang, it was almost impossible to put down the paintbrushes. Till next time!

Vocabulary: Color theory, photos, electromagnetic waves, visible light spectrum, RBG and CMYK, reflection, refraction

Learn more:

Make: Carboard kaleidoscope

Visit:  Life of Color exhibit at Academy of Sciences

Science Fridays: Light and Color