January 20, 2017

As we taught in December, the process of design involves prototyping. In this Wade Thomas’ Science Friday we brought out our creative thinkers’ hats. As with all of our Science Fridays, we brought in many books on the subject of the week—this time, ornithology. Build a birdhouse, we asked. Out of paper, tape and string. We showed some real paper prototypes and photos of modern birdhouses. And off the little designers went, first to the sketching area, and then to bring their ideas to life. For younger kids, the idea of building a 3D object out of a sketch initially proved to be a challenge, but they were quick learners. Children worked in groups, helped each other and created outstanding work.

Vocabulary: Rapid prototyping, Workflow

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Visit:  Cyber Garage, Exploratorium, Lawrence Hall of Science, Bay Area Discovery Museum Fab Lab

Science Fridays: Prototyping