January 27, 2017

How does one create a sequence of commands—or code—a robot? We made it easy to understand in a simple and fun activity “Make a Robot Dance”. Children put prepared instruction cards in order of their liking—“Raise Arm”,”Jump”, “Nod Head”, “Bow”, etc.—and one child “robot”, in cool square glasses, followed these instructions to the music. In a similar activity, “Turtle Maze”, they put cards “Go”, “Turn” and number cards 1 through 10 in the correct order to move a toy through a maze on the floor. Now, for the real thing! Two Wonder Labs’ robots “Dash” were available for play. Children controlled their Dash through an app on an iPad and had to code Dash’s movements to maneuver it through the same maze or kick a balloon back and forth. In addition, kids learned about pixellated images by creating their own characters on squared paper. Information how to convert decimal numbers to binary numbers was also available.

Vocabulary: Code, Function, Debug, Program, Binary


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Science Fridays: Coding and Robots