April 28, 2017

We wrapped up the incredible Wade Thomas International Week by talking about geography. We had a table covered with library books about the world explorers and their adventures, world maps, continents and countries. As we discussed the countries our students learned about during the previous week, we looked at the national flags, looked for similarities and differences in their colors and symbols, and then kids drew their own flags with colored markers. By choosing a place in the world from an atlas book, students took turns navigating to it in the GoogleEarth app on an iPad. We offered several jigsaw puzzles of the world; students worked together in groups to solve them. With play dough, kids learned how to draw a topographic map (https://www.nps.gov/mora/learn/education/upload/playdough-topo_cvo_lesson.pdf).

Gift Ideas: Crocodile Creek jigsaw puzzles (World, USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa)

Science Fridays: Geography