May 5, 2017

To deepen the knowledge about our Earth, we continued with an exploration of geology. Our volunteer presented continent-shaped paper cutouts floating in a bucket of water to explain the continental drift. The students were asked to recite the names of the continents. They studied stones and gems with a magnifying glass. As a hands-on activity about the accumulation of earth layers over time, children dug for fossils in the Dig It Up! Traceratops set. Then we all gathered around a model of a volcano—complete with surrounding it palm trees and dinosaurs—and “erupted” it with the mixture of baking soda, red dye and vinegar. Kids held real lava rocks in their hands and looked at photographs of volcanic plumes. We then steered the conversation to the discussion of the Earth’s layers.

Visit: California Academy of Sciences Earthquake! and Plate Tectonics exhibits.

Science Fridays: Geology