April 21, 2017

This week we switch gears to talk about our solar system and what lies beyond. We started from afar, and zoomed in toward the Earth. First, the stars. How did Moana navigate with her open hand? She measured the angle between the stars in the nigh sky. How did the Greeks navigate at night? We discussed the constellations and the stars in them. We then reviewed the planet names and their location in relationship to the Sun. We built our model solar system with the Sun (a large yoga ball) and the planets (marbles) and had the children match the name cards for each. Lastly, we talked about our Moon and its phases. We recreated the Moon phases with a flashlight, a globe, and a baseball. The children also stood on a scale to measure their weight, and then calculated their weight on the Moon. They measured how hight they could jump, and calculated how high they would jump on the Moon, where there is less gravity.

Science Fridays: Our Solar System and Beyond