May 26, 2017

As the long weeks of state testing came to a close, we chose to provide lots of opportunities for the children to move during the lunchtime science session. First, we had the students propose a hypothesis about a correlation between the height of a jump and the student’s grade. We then tested the hypothesis: we recorded each student’s jump’s height and their grade, and build a graph. The 4th graders were the highest jumpers, proving our hypothesis was correct, but there were several talented outliers! Next, we looked at the energy distribution—potential, kinetic and heat—when a basketball or tennis ball is bounced off the ground. We also looked at the parabolic arc of the trajectory of a ball when thrown from one student to another. And for those inclined to do a more slow-paced activity, we worked on building a soccer ball out of paper pentagons and hexagons.

Vocabulary: Hypothesis, parabolic arc, hexagon, pentagon, geometry

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Science Fridays: Science of Sports