June 2, 2017

In this Friday lab session we discussed the importance of our senses, primarily, the senses of touch, smell, taste, hearing and vision. For sense of touch experiment, we filled a box with similarly sized round objects: an orange, a tennis ball, a stress ball, a lemon, an apple, a baseball, etc. Children put on a blindfold and were instructed to pick a specific object by using just the sense of touch of their hands. It was fun and more challenging than they thought! For sense of smell experiment, we asked the children to close their eyes and asked to identify a scented object—an orange, a lemon or rosemary—we waved next to their noses. For the discussion of taste, we offered single-use wooden toothpicks and five jars: salt (salty), sugar (sweet), lemon juice (sour), cocoa (bitter) and soy sauce (umami). Needless to say, sugar jar was the first one to empty! For the hearing experiment, we built a maze out of Keva blocks, asked a participant to put on a blindfold at the start of the maze and asked the other children to shout out directional instructions how to get through the maze to the finish line. This activity was a hit! Finally, for research on vision, kids put on an eye patch and practiced throwing a ball to each other, then took the eye patch off and observed the skewed trajectory of their throw. Students also loved studying Magic Eye books exploring the power of human eyes to see 3D objects in 2D autostereograms.

App Ideas: Hz, a free app generating different sound frequencies.

Science Fridays: Five Senses