September 29, 2017

We are on a roll in the Friday Science Lab! Every elementary school child needs to know the names of the planets in our Solar System, right? We are here to help! Students discussed the eight planets–and had to be reminded that the Sun is a star—and chose their favorite planet to draw. Stop by to see their artwork showcased in the lab. What is the moon of our Earth called? Why, the Moon, of course! Children learned about the Moon phases by playing with a bright flashlight and balls. Children also calculated their weight on the Moon and the height of their hypothetical vertical leap on the Moon. Speaking of gravity, students participated in a hands-on activity to learn about the force of gravity—with juggling balls. By rolling a ball in a bowl, they learned about momentum, and how a combination of forces keeps the satellites in orbit—and how rockets need escape velocity to leave Earth and get into the orbit.

Visit: iFly Union City to pretend you are defying gravity

Read: Check out the book DK Smithsonian The Planets through our local library

Learn: Keep a Moon journal this month

(Photo: NASA)



Science Fridays: Planets and Moons