September 8, 2017

We start the year with one of the most exciting aspects of living in the 21st century—space travel. We talked about the timeline of space research, astronaut training, building and flying rockets, and our physical location in the universe. Science Fridays are during play time—so we set up lots of fun activities: in order to qualify to “launch a rocket” (stomp rockets), students went through “astronaut training”: fitness training (15 seconds of twirling in a chair), science training (measuring and pouring exactly 50ml of water) and mental training (answering one of these questions). Upon completing the “training”, children received a NASA sticker. Students were also invited to write a postcard with their galactic return address.

Follow: ISS location

Watch: How to brush your hair and teeth in space: tour of ISS by NASA astronaut Sunita Williams. Also, watch “The Mars Generation” on Netflix.

Make: Make and launch a vinegar & baking soda rocket:

Visit: Novato’s The Space Station Museum and their temporary Apollo exhibit in the Palace of Fine Arts’ Exhibition Hall, San Francisco

Thank you: To SpaceX for donating posters for our Science Room

(Photo: NASA, 1965. Ed White, first American spacewalker.)



Science Fridays: Space Travel