December 1, 2017

All children had a chance to hold various rocks and minerals we are lucky to own at our school. From an amethyst to volcanic rock, lunchtime science visitors enjoyed our “museum” of rock collections.

For a more in-depth, hands-on research, students picked a rock from a basket and studied its properties: weight (measured with a scale), length/width/height (measured with a ruler), color (while making a pencil drawing and looking at it with a magnifying glass) and hardness (Mohs test). Students collaborated in groups and asked great questions.

Many students took an interest in drawing the geometry of different cuts of precious stones.

In addition to topic-oriented activities, the 5th graders built a tallest Keva blocks tower of the year.

Read: Nature Guide: Rocks and Minerals (DK)

Visit: California Academy of Sciences Gems and Minerals exhibit

Photo credit: Anya Bosina

Science Fridays: Rocks and Gems