February 9, 2018

Room 16 came alive with plants during this Science Fridays. Students studied displays of examples of plant use by humans: perfume, grains, juices, teas, spices, oil, cork, fuel, wooden toys, furniture, and cotton. Students then studied parts of a plant—roots, stems, leaves, flowers, and seeds—using a digital microscope. They inspected the seeds more closely in the hands-on activity cutting stone fruits and berries. Then they had an opportunity to participate in planting sweet onions to take home and to draw beautiful potted roses.


Visit: Explore a nearby garden such as Marin Art and Garden Center‘s rose garden and edible garden.

Plant: As the weather is getting warmer (we are lucky to live in California!), design a garden and begin planting.

Play and Learn: Make a sketch of the trees and plants around the house or school, then research all about them.


Photo credit: Anya Bosina

Science Fridays: Plants