March 2, 2018

After reviewing the definition of an invertebrate (animals without backbones) and insects (6 jointed legs, compound eyes, body with three sections–head, thorax, and abdomen, antennae and, usually, wings), kids looked at live caterpillars, studied butterfly specimens with a magnifying glass, watched ant behavior in an enclosed ant farm and received answers to their questions about bees from a real beekeeper. They practiced using a microscope, looking at the plates with a mosquito and an ant. They also drew their favorite butterflies and looked at beautiful insect illustrations in books.

Plant: Plant a butterfly and bee garden.

Read: “The Book of Bees” by Piotr Socha with gorgeous illustrations and “Common Butterflies of California” by Bob Stewart, both available in the Marin public library system.

Watch: Moving Art, “Big Sur” episode by Louie Schwartzberg. The film captures the beauty of the natural world of California coast.

Gift idea: Purchase an ant farm and spend months learning about the fascinating ant behavior.


Photo credit: Anya Bosina

Science Fridays: Insects

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