April 27, 2018

Building bridges to cross gorges or rushing rivers has been part of human endeavor for ages. Our students put on their engineering and designer hats today to built their own bridges across two desks with the following materials: rolled newspaper, sticky tape, colored paper, cardboard and popsicle sticks. Students worked together in groups, chose best materials, discussed different design ideas and named their bridges upon completion.

At another desk, our volunteer led a workshop on buoyancy. Students built boats out foil to float in a water-filled container.

Build: Take an engineering challenge to build a spaghetti bridge. Only use spaghetti, tape and rubber bands.

Visit: Come see for yourself! Visit our very own famous Golden Gate Bridge—it’s only 20 minutes away! Observe the deck, the towers, the vertical suspenders and the main suspension cable.

Read: Read a great book by a local author Jen Adkins, “Bridges: From My Side to Yours”.


Photo credit: Anya Bosina

Science Fridays: Bridges and Boats

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