May 11, 2018

We put on an engineer’s hat again this week to think about how our buildings are constructed and how the forces are distributed within the houses. Students used lots of uncooked spaghetti and paper masking tape to create various “dwellings” of many shapes and sizes. Some students thought of conventional house shapes, some realized that connecting several strands of spaghetti fortifies the construction, some used triangles to create support within their structures, and some used their unlimited imagination to build a modern construction of their own. Students worked in groups or individually, upon their discretion. It was a busy and fun Science Fridays!


Read: Yoshio Komatsu’s book “Wonderful Houses Around the World”.

Play: Build KEVA planks structures.

Watch: ScienceMax on YouTube, episode on building with spaghetti and distribution of forces. (3-5th Grade)


Science Fridays: Buildings

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