May 18, 2018

Once the word got out on the playground that we had balloons in the Science Room, our classroom filled with a record number of eager students. Kids charged the balloon surface by rubbing it on their hair, and tested if thereafter their balloons stuck to other surfaces. We ended up with a whole whiteboard covered with charged colorful balloons.

We hung two charged balloons on strings and showed how objects with the same charge repel.

A table with two Snap Circuits Jr. sets allowed students to work in groups building closed circuits. Kids taught each other what they knew about electricity, and learned new material together by trial and error. It was positively an amazing experience!


Read: DK Find Out! web page on electricity.

Play: Build circuits with Snap Circuits sets.

Play: Balloon and a soda can are the only objects you need to this science trick!


Science Fridays: Electricity

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