June 1, 2018

Today during lunch students decorated a cardboard robot with CDs, air duct tubes, colored paper, foil and markers.

Kids took turns “programming” each other by placing code cards such as “Move Forward”, “Dance”, “Turn Left”, “Turn Right”, in a row. They used pre-programmed cards with a real robot Plobot, which can change colors, play a note and move, according to the students’ instructions. We had fun navigating Wonder Workshop’s Dash around the classroom using an app “Go”.  We also had a 4th grader expertly teaching other students how to use Piper computer she has built herself.

Free: Visit or call the local Apple and Microsoft stores to learn about their free coding workshops.

Take a class: Join Mill Valley Code Club (MVCode) to learn the fundamentals of coding.

Gift idea: Kano is a great product for young students—make a computer and learn to code!

For parents: Visit a local b8ta store in Corte Madera for the latest on family-friendly robots.



Science Fridays: Robots

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