September 14, 2018

Today kids had a blast making all sorts of bubbles while learning about surface tension and pressure.

Students made their own bubble wands out of craft pipe cleaners and straws and ran outside to the kiddie pool filled with bubble solution to test them. There, one at a time, students stood up on a stool in the middle of the pool and we pulled up a hoola hoop from the bubble solution, creating a large bubble around the child.

Back in the classroom, students studied properties of water and learned about surface tension by playing with water in cups and beakers. They tried to build the tallest tower of bubbles by blowing into a soapy solution with individual straws. The result? A unanimous: “I looooove bubbles!”

For parents: Watch a great episode of The Sprangler Effect which covers most of the experiments we did today.

Watch: Wired magazine interviewed the incredible bubble artist Melody Yang of the Gazillion Bubble Show. Watch her explanation of bubble science.

Thank you to all the parents who volunteered their time during the lab.



Science Fridays 2018-19: Bubble Lab

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