October 5, 2018

What is friction? Jump in place and land, use a screwdriver, slice an apple, tie a knot—the force of friction is applied. Do different surfaces cause varying friction? Students explored this phenomenon by racing toy cars down ramps covered with cloth, bubble wrap, paper, cardboard and foam. How do we reduce friction? How about by adding an air cushion? Students played with CD balloon hovercrafts, air hockey, and Makeblock Airblock hovercraft.

Play: Make a balloon hovercraft at home.

Play: Go play outdoors! Ice skate at Yerba Buena (and reduce friction by sharpening your skates), fly at iFly (and experience air resistance), or go down a slide at Memorial Park.

Watch: Science Max show on friction.

For parents: Join us for the International Walk & Roll To School day next Wednesday morning! Bring shoes and bikes that were built by engineers and designers with an understanding of friction and how to use it to our advantage.

Thank you to all the parents who volunteered their time during the lab.


Image by Anya Bosina

Science Fridays 2018-2019: Friction

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