September 28, 2018

Our fun gravity lab offered students an assortment of activities with a chance to observe the law of gravity. Students designed vertical marble maze runs using paper towel rolls, tape and scissors. Students launched stomp rockets and observed the trajectory variation of a falling object launched at different angles. Students watched what happened to water dripping from a hole in a cup as the cup was released to free fall. Students calculated how many helium balloons it would take to raise each student into the air.

Play: Collect paper towel tubes at home and build a gravity marble maze using paper tape to attach the tubes to a wall in a pattern. More information and suggested activities.

Play: Try activity with water in a bottle suggested by NASA Lewis Research Center.

Play: Find center of gravity of various objects. Try related activities suggested by Exploratorium.

Gift ideas: Metal Slinky, ages 3 and up. Gravity Maze, ages 8 and up.

For parents: Watch the great Richard Feynman giving a lecture on the law of gravitation.

Thank you to all the parents who volunteer their time during the lab.


Image by tirachard/Freepik

Science Fridays 2018-2019: Gravity Lab

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