November 2, 2018

Today our young paleontologists dug through dirt and sand for toy dinosaurs, cleaned and dried them, measured their length, classified their features (bipedal or quadrupedal, herbivore or omnivore) and identified their name by comparing to the index of dinosaurs. Outside, students compared the length of their own steps and height (marked with chalk from the 0 mark) with a T.rex’s stride, diplodocus’ length, etc. (measured and marked with chalk from the 0 mark). It was quite impressive to see the comparison visually on the playground.

Students also looked through informational books and put together a dinosaur puzzle.

Watch: Visit the Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley and see the 3D movie Walking With Dinosaurs: Prehistoric Planet.

Visit: Plan a family trip to Tar Pits, Dinosaur National Monument, or American Natural History Museum.

Thank you to all the amazing parents who made this lab possible.


Image by Anya Bosina.

Science Fridays 2018-2019: Dinosaur Dig

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