March 8, 2019

Students could choose three different activities to study light absorption, reflection and refraction.

We lowered the lights and turned on a lamp directed at a cardboard box with tracing paper. Kids could either play with pre-cut shapes or make their own shadow puppets (black construction paper, scissors, tape and bendy straw). The imaginative stories emerging from collaboration with other children was astounding!

At the second table, kids could try on refraction glasses—”Wow! I see so many colors!”—and play with old CDs and flashlights. There was a rare sunny moment so we went outside to catch sun rays with the CDs and project the rainbow on the walls.

At the third table students looked through kaleidoscopes to see colorful reflected patterns and played with mirrors trying to reflect patterns drawn on paper to create symmetrical drawings.

We were lucky to have a student bring in a fascinating Kiwi Crate project “Glowing Pendulum“.

Science Fridays 2018-2019: Light and Color

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