April 19, 2019

This Friday we looked at various maps, reviewed cardinal directions, talked about the Earth’s magnetic field, learned how to use a compass, and played with magnets.

We marked four directions around a center of a circle on the floor (using tape), and played this game: one student at a time catches a ball (inflatable Earth such as this) and listens for the cardinal direction to move to. If the student gets the direction correctly, he/she wins a point. We started with North, South, East and West, and later added NW, SW, etc.

This is our first magnet lab of the year, and we had a blast! We were building tallest towers with magnets, playing with MagnaTiles, testing the strength of a magnet, using magnets to move the needle of a compass, and even learned how to create an electromagnet.

Science Fridays 2018-2019: Maps and Compass Challenge

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