May 17, 2019

What’s a better way to wrap up a week than to make a stop-motion animation using with Stop Motion Studio app? But before we worked creatively in teams on the script and play dough characters, we talked about the way our eyes perceive frame-by-frame movies. We made a paper spinner on two strings (a thaumatrope) and twisted it on a string to see the two images merge from each side into one. Students mentioned having seen a zoetrope before, too.

Once the science behind-the-scenes was understood, students put on their director hats and got to work on making their movies. They spontaneously created very cute stories, adorable props, and even directed each other in an impromptu short film, created on the spot. What a team of talent we have at Wade Thomas!

Play: Stop Motion app.

Watch: Animating Chefs explaining how to create a sneezing play dough character.

Science Fridays 2018-2019: Lights! Camera! Action!

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