May 24, 2019

We’ve noticed the fascination in the students’ eyes when looking at the Newton’s cradle in motion. So we brought back the toy and let everyone have a chance to play. We also encouraged building a long line of Keva blocks on the floor to create a chain reaction and watch transfer of energy in progress. As always, building tallest towers and watching gravity do its thing was a big hit.

Another fun activity was building so-called exploding popsicle ‘ninja stars’ and watching the stored potential energy from tension transfer into kinetic energy when released.


Play: Put a string on the stem of an apple, hold the string and swing. You’ve created a pendulum!

Visit: Visit the Academy of Science‘s pendulum near the Color of Life exhibit. There you will find a Newton’s Cradle for sale in the museum store, too.

Visit: The Drawing Board exhibit at the Exploratorium. Watch how friction slows down the marker in motion to create beautiful patterns. Be sure to arrive early to get this particular exhibit pass and arrive on time. You will get to keep your original drawing.

Science Fridays 2018-2019: So Much Energy!

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