The Wade Thomas Book Fair is April 18-22! For one week, Monday, April 18 through Friday, April 22nd, the WTPA and Scholastic Books will be hosting the Wade Thomas Book Fair in the school MPR. This event is open to everyone, so please stop by with friends and family members. We know that when children pick their own books, they are more likely to read them. We also know that children who read 30 minutes per day graduate in the top 10% of their class. Help us raise readers by talking with your children about what they like to read and encouraging them to read daily. All proceeds from the book fair go to the YES Ross Valley Schools Foundation and will directly benefit students and teachers in the form of more books for the library and classrooms. And we’d love your help! Click here to sign up to help out at the Book Fair: Volunteer time slots are available and multiple hours are much appreciated! Can’t make it to the Book Fair? Give your child a safe, cashless way to shop the book fair with eWallet. This digital payment option can be used at the in school Book Fair or online. The following link will provide more information on this option as well as detailed instructions to help get your eWallet set up! Students will have an opportunity to visit the Book Fair with their class throughout the week.
Wade Thomas Book Fair