This year marks the 24th Annual Wade Thomas Lap-A-Thon!


Q: How far are the children running/walking?
A: On the morning of the event, orange cones are set up in an oval on the field.
The size of the oval is smaller for the K/1st graders so they are running/walking shorter laps than the 2nd-5th graders.


Q: At what time do the children run/walk?
A: K-1st graders start around 9:15, 2nd-3rd graders around 10:55 and 4th-5th graders around 1:25PM.


Q: What should my child wear the day of the event?
A: Please have your child wear clothes that are comfortable for an active day: shorts, t-shirt, socks and running shoes work best!
We will provide every Mustang with a Wade Thomas Lap-A-Thon t-shirt.


Q: What happens if my child is absent the day of the Lap-A-Thon?
A: A Lap-A-Thon t-shirt will be ready and waiting for your child when they return to school.


Q: My kid received some donations from his grand-parents by check, and this doesn’t show-up on his donation page – what should I do?
A: Well, ideally, most donations would be done online – as this is the best way to eliminate manual work. Contact WTPA for this special request.


Q: My employer is going to match my donation. Will it count toward my class’s goal?
A: We LOVE Corporate matching. Unfortunately, matching will not count toward your class’s goal due to the timing of those transactions, typically hitting our school bank account about 3-9 months after Lap-A-Thon.


Q: Where is my money going?
A: This year, we are raising $50,000 for the Parents Association Operating Expenses (see all details here).


Q: I already gave $750, why are you asking for more?
A: The $750 ask comes from the YES Foundation for art, music, poetry and more.  The Lap-A-Thon is for other school-specific costs.  We know it’s confusing … We are encouraging you to give to BOTH.  To understand more what funds what, refer to the red and green apple puzzle pamphlet the YES Foundation put together. It’s a great resource to learn the basics.


Q: What happens to our money if we raise more than our goal?
A: Our school district fundraising is ruled by what we call the Round Table Agreement. This agreement stipulates how much money each school can keep.
We are currently allowed $130 per student. Plus this year, we asked for special permission to keep an extra $10,000 for the garden. If we raise over $65,000, the extra money – called overage – will go back to Round Table for future allocation across the District.


Q: Who is part of the Round Table?
A: The Round Table is composed of our Superintendant + one Trustee + all principals + 2 members of the YES Foundation (Exec Director + one chair person) + 2 representants from each school (WTPA President Tess Connolly and Wade Thomas Site Council lead Elizabeth Peterson).