Our Wade Thomas campus has recently undergone some wonderful renovations with the addition of three new classrooms, a new upper playground, and a new blacktop. There are a number of ways the WTPA continue to enhance our campus – in both attractiveness and safety.


School Site Council
The site council is a team of Wade Thomas parents and school staff who work collaboratively together to determine site goals, develop the 3-year Single Plan for Student Achievement, and monitor overall progress towards achieving the goals.

Emergency Preparedness
We have a committee on the WTPA dedicated to ensuring safety on campus and preparedness in the event of an emergency.  Please contact Kelly Murphy kelly.murphy@gmail.com with any questions or to help out.

Family Service Day 
The Wade Thomas Beautification Team hosts several  Family Service Days on campus throughout the year. These days are an opportunity for the community to come together and improve the campus. Check the calendar for upcoming dates.

Interested in joining our team or have a beautification project idea? Please email Jeremy Lebeau jeremyslebeau@gmail.com