The Registration form below is Securely hosted by Active4.Me, the solution provider of our new Safe Routes to School tracking program.

Even though the Email and SMS alerts are optional, if you choose not to get any of these and don’t enter either a phone number or email address there is no way I can reach you in case we cancel or change the schedules. This information is only used by me and is private as private can be these days. Please at least put down your email address. I only send emails a couple times on average per year, and get my Christmas cards out by April 1st the following year.

If your child was registered last year, you don’t need to do anything! Go browse Reddit, you’re done here. 😉
If you are new, follow these steps to register your child(ren):

  1. Fill out this form below. One for each child you are signing up. It will send you an email verification. Make sure you respond!
  2. When it asks you to Print the form from this screen or from the email. Just click print then cancel the print job. Or if you do print it, put it up on your fridge. We can see you agreed to the terms and conditions in the admin area. Again, WE DON’T NEED THE PRINT OUTS, thank you.
  3. Come to school on a Walk n Roll Wednesday and I’ll give you a new tag. I also try to carry tags with me everyday so stop me on campus if you see me.
  4. Make sure you get your tags before our first Walk n’ Roll Wednesday (Sept 28th, 2016)!

The reason you don’t see an SSL Cert is because we’re using <iframe/> to view their secure form on this page. You can click on the frame below and verify your posted data is secure. OR, if you’d rather enter this directly on their site.

Your Pal,


Questions we’ve been asked:
I’m concern about my child’s privacy. Children are anonymous on the system. We only track barcode numbers to their teacher’s classroom. We don’t need to have your child’s name, gender or address. If you want alerts you can provide an email or phone number, but this is optional and not needed to use the system. From a technical standpoint’s site uses very strong encryption (256-bit) which is very strong.

I never get any updates or emails. If don’t enter a phone number or email address we can’t send you any important updates. You can opt-out getting the alerts, but again, if you don’t enter anything, we can’t contact you if there is any last minute changes, etc.

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