Field Day is May 30

Field Day at Wade Thomas will take place on Tuesday, May 30. If you are able/interested in volunteering to support this fun, school-wide event, please click here. ...Read More »

Donate for the 2022-23 School Year

Donate Today! The WTPA raises vital funds for the school to support our students, faculty, and staff. These funds go toward critical needs such as teacher and classroom supplies, books for classroom libraries as well as the school library, and furnishings to accommodate outdoor learning spaces. To donate...Read More »

New Spirit Wear Shop is Open!

Show now and get your Wade Thomas merchandise today!   ...Read More »

What Do You Say: How To Talk With Kids To build Motivation, Stress Tolerance, And A Happy Home

For those that missed the parent ed talk last week (or those that want to hear it again!) this link will be available for a few weeks. William Stixrud, clinical psychologist and author and Ned Johnson, author, speaker, teen coach and founder of PrepMatters spoke about how important...Read More »

Check out our PARENT library!

Yes, we have a library for PARENTS here at Wade Thomas!  It’s online and it’s FANTASTIC.

Thank you to Susie Shaw for compiling recent articles, books, and websites on relevant topics to navigate the world of raising kids.  Whether you want information on mindfulness, technology, bullying, or marijuana, you’re a click...Read More »

Parent Ed Library

Come visit the Parent Ed Library!

Underneath the pink and green cloth in the library is the Parent Ed library. Come and check it out!

Check out Books

If you see a book you like, just sign your name to the card in...Read More »

Make Our Schools Whole: Please, Give to Both!

Hearing a lot about donating lately?

Here’s a handy flier to help you navigate the funding of your child’s education!


...Read More »

Why should I volunteer in the classroom?

Parents, as we begin the school year the teachers have sign-ups for various volunteer positions in the classroom and we encourage you to sign-up.

The volunteer spot usually require 30-60 minutes/month.

Benefits of volunteering in the classroom:

  1. Volunteering in the classroom sends a powerful message to your child that you value what is happening...Read More »

How do I Donate to Field Trips?

We are excited to report that this year we are going digital with our Field Trips donations.
Visit this page on our website:

You can donate with either a Credit Card or through Paypal.

If you cannot contribute financially, please go to the same page and select “require scholarship”...Read More »