Special Programs

Thanks to funding from the WTPA, Wade Thomas students have the opportunity to participate in several programs on campus during the school year. Learn more about each of them.

Mindfulness with Jen Couture, LMTF

With a personal mindful practice for over 30 years, Marin County therapist and child advocate Jen Couture brings mindful tools into  elementary school classrooms throughout Marin. Trained by Mindful Schools to teach mindfulness to students in grades K-12, Jen offers this curriculum as a complement to schools’ existing social and emotional programming

Children for Change

Homegrown in Marin County, California, Children for Change offers an integrated in-school program for schools looking to provide service learning across their campus. Children for Change curriculum is provided to students once/week and can be enriched with guest speakers, assembly speakers, and even service trips. Lunch and after school club programming can be added for additional involvement and enrichment activities that extend classroom lessons into project-based learning.

Poetry with Pseads

This multi-week program provides students the unique opportunity for self-expression, meaningful community action, and a pathway for students to apply their voices as creators of social change through art. To date, Pseads has partnered with multiple school districts and more than 70,000 poems have been written by over 2,000 students.

Parent Education

The goal of the WTPA Parent Education group is to bring parenting education opportunities including articles, films, speakers and workshops to the Wade Thomas parent community.

Additional Parent Ed Resources Around Marin

Flexible Learning Opportunities (FLO)  is an RVSD-based support group for parents that have children that are “unique” learners. Unique learners show variations in areas such as giftedness, attention, memory, speech, and language, auditory, visual, or sensory processing, organization, motor skills, behavior and social skills.

Parent Education Group of Marin (PEG)  PEG’s mission is to provide a forum for Marin County K-12 public and independent schools to collaborate on parent education topics. They will achieve this mission by promoting parent education school events and broaden community awareness for parent education events.

Follow PEG on Facebook to view all of the great parent ed events. PEG usually meets three times a year (May, September, & January) to collaborate on topics.

Ross Valley Healthy Community Collaborative (RVHCC) Is a group of concerned community members, educators and young people that are working together with all sectors of our community to improve the health and wellness of San Anselmo and Fairfax adults and youth. Their goal is to improve the overall health and wellness of our community by raising awareness of current mental health and substance abuse issues, identifying and implementing strategies for reducing risk factors, and advocating for increased positive youth engagement in Ross Valley.

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Walker Creek

The Marin County Outdoor School at Walker Creek Ranch is dedicated to helping elementary schools satisfy their educational goals through quality instruction within a special learning environment that inspires and motivates students to achieve an appreciation of the natural world. Using the principals of thematic instruction, the Outdoor School program enhances a student’s critical thinking, processing, and socialization skills.