Inclusion and

DEIB at Wade Thomas

As a member of the Ross Valley School District, Wade Thomas Elementary School is aligned with the district’s mission statement and commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.

Wade Thomas is committed to creating a safe, equitable, and inclusive learning environment in which all students feel a sense of belonging, are respected and celebrated for their individual differences, and are empowered to thrive socially, emotionally, and academically.  We are equally committed to building the leaders of tomorrow who will combat racism and promote equity throughout their lives.

Ross Valley School District parents, guardians, students, staff, and board trustees, in partnership, will create policies to disrupt systemic racism and prioritize equity in our organizational structures, curriculum, and instructional practices.

We will do this by actively engaging, listening, and responding to the voices and needs of our marginalized students, families, and staff and working to engage in anti-racist actions that build a vibrant, inclusive learning community.

Wade Thomas Elementary School is guided by the RVSD Racial Equity Action Plan


Wade Thomas Cultural Assemblies

At Wade Thomas we celebrate students and families of all cultural backgrounds and traditions.  At our Wednesday assemblies with the entire school, we try to recognize and educate about holidays from cultures all around the world.  Students, parents, and community members are invited and encouraged to participate and present (please see Volunteer link below).  We hope that all of our students are able to feel seen and heard through their cultural celebrations presented during our weekly gatherings.

Some holidays that have been recognized at our Wednesday assemblies include the Mid-Autumn Festival, Rosh Hoshannah, Diwali, Christmas and Kwanzaa.

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We welcome students and parents to volunteer and prepare and/or present their cultural traditions at a Wednesday assembly!

Wade Thomas Mustang Mingles

At Wade Thomas we engage in community building through Mustang Mingles, school-wide evening parties celebrating different heritages, highlighting the food, music, art and history of each heritage.  In the past, we have gathered at Mustang Mingles to celebrate Latinx heritage, African American history, and Asian American Pacific Islander heritage.  Highlights include a live mariachi band, Dia de los Muertos crafts, homemade mac and cheese, and learning to mah jong!

We invite you to volunteer and help plan the next Mustang Mingle!

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