The main fundraise of the year!

This is our only fundraising event directly for Wade Thomas.

We invite ALL students to take part and run, walk, skip, or hop laps on the Upper Yard along with their classmates. By asking their community to support them with donations, they (along with a parent or caregiver’s help) raise vital funds to support our school.
It’s a fun event where students are able to show their Mustang spirit! Each grade has an allocated time slot during the day, starting with a warm-up and finishing with a popsicle to celebrate their achievements.

The children ask their community for donations to run laps on the lower playground at the school. It is an all-day event with music, refreshments and lots of school spirit. It’s a fun school wide event and the children have a great time.

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2023 FUN RUN Information

This year, we have an overall fundraising target of $95,000 for the Fun Run. Funds raised directly benefit all students at Wade Thomas and in 2023/2024 we are aiming, amongst other things, to use the money raised on:

  • Field Trips & Classroom Supplies
  • STEM & Arts (STEAM)
  • Poetry
  • Community Events & Faculty/Staff Appreciation
  • Social/Emotional Programming
  • Social Justice

​The goal of the WTPA Fun Run is to raise money to enrich all student’s learning experiences here at Wade Thomas. Please visit the official 2023 Fun Run website at to learn more about how to donate and how your child can spread the word to friends, family, and the community about fundraising.

If each student raises $325, we will definitely reach the target! We also have a goal of 100% student participation! We encourage families to give at whatever level feels most comfortable. No donation is too small; every dollar counts! We have also set up a donation page for our school mascot, Magnificent Mustang, that you can donate on behalf of. Donations to Magnificent Mustang will be sprinkled across students who are unable to fundraise. There will be school-wide prizes based on participation milestones. And, individuals with fundraising pages set up will be entered into weekly raffles to earn prizes.

Thank you
to our
Fun Run Sponsors!

Please note that all donations made via PayPal and Venmo will have up to a week delay in showing up on students’ MyEvents profile pages due to a manual effort our team needs to make.